Guideline on how to properly document in zapCash

This is a guideline and recommendation on how to do the documentation in zapCash

In order to check your candidates in zapCash correctly and to make the information understandable to third parties, you can download our guideline to make the documentation more understandable.

You can download our guideline here:

  1. Guideline zapCash (English PDF)
  2. Guideline zapCash (German PDF)

Documentation Guideline

Audit objective: Has the service been provided once for each of the two liabilities?


A. Audit in zap Cash

1. What are the indications for different performance periods?

2. What are the indications for partial payments?

3. Were both liabilities cleared (paid or cleared out?)

4. Are there any indications for a reversal in the accounts payable subledger (are there debit postings without XZAHL)?

5. Which of the differences between the documents are indicative of a double-recorded liability?

6. Which details speak against a double recorded liability?

7. Can we rule out with reasonable certainty that it is not a duplicate payment?

8. What is the first statement based on zapCash?


B. Checking the documents by downloading them in SAP (Open both liabilities via transaction FB03 - display documents and save)

1. What are the invoices about (short explanation)?

2. Are they the same documents?

a. Are the header data identical?

b. Is the service identical?

c. Is the total amount identical?

3. If yes, what is the visual difference between the two documents?

a. Are there different scan numbers?

b. Has anything been added by handwriting?

4. If no, which of the following features are different? (Vendor, vendor document number, document date, period of service, delivery references, line items).


C. Check in SAP (open transaction FBL1 or FBL1N (vendor line item list).