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How can I assign a license to a colleague?

A short guide to assign product keys. E.g. if the purchase department would transfer licenses to the internal audit department.

There are two situations:

  1. You bought a new product and want other persons to use it.
  2. You already have activated a product in the past.

1. First-time usage of a new product

  • Log in to our webshop and open the Order overview.
  • Then choose your product and click on 'Order details'.
  • Click on 'administrate' at the user administration section at the bottom.
  • Then press the 'invite user' button.
  • Now you can enter an email address of your colleague.
  • He/She will receive an invitation email with an activation link. After clicking this link he/she can log into the webshop and activate the product key, by entering the challenge key on the license activation page

2. Re-use activation key

  • Now press the 'i' button to show the response key for your company code
  • You can copy and paste the shown response key to activate your company code again.