Release notes: zapAudit 2.6

Changes in version 2.6 of zapAudit: New Features, Indicators, Updates etc.

Major features and changes:

Small but neat features and changes:

  • You can now use zapAudit and zapCash within the same browser
  • Datascope has been modified to fix some indicator bugs
  • Optimized configure settings (Restricted limit and TimeOut) for improved processing
  • Tagging function discarded
  • New filter functions added (amount of indication, process)
  • Extended Excel Export
  • Several layout and frontend improvements (Dashboard counts, settings & text)


How do I update zapAudit?

Updating zapAudit is as easy as the installation itself. You can either install zapAudit over your old installation folder OR install zapAudit 2.6 in a new folder.

We recommend you install zapAudit 2.6 in a new folder. You can easily create a folder next to your old installation folder and rename it (for example C:/User/MyAccountname/zapAudit2_6). Be aware that all users, projects, and custom configurations will not be migrated to the new installation folder. To transfer all users and projects, take a look at How to move Users and Projects to a new location.

If you are unsure how and what to consider updating to zapAudit 2.6, please contact our support team (


What happens to existing projects?

While you can always use old projects after the update, the new features will only work with projects that have been extracted and processed in zapAudit 2.6 only. 

After updating you will need to reactivate all existing projects (version 2.5. and older) again. 

BUT REMEMBER: Once activated projects can always be activated again for free.


Can I use the new features without extracting and processing data again?

For experiencing the new features made in the version zapAudit 2.6, we recommend you extract and process data once again for your relevant projects.

Only by doing so, you will benefit from the vast changes made (especially the indicator updates).