How to fit screen size (laptop, beamer)?

Customize zap Audit for your current resolution and display, if the content does not fit to the screen.

zap Audit is suited for full HD (1920 x 1080) screens and not fully responsive (yet). If you are using small inch displays, you have several options to fit the size of the content to your device:

Using browser zoom feature

Use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to change the zoom factor of your browser.

Collapsing panels (Version 2.0 Patch 1 and higher)

You can collapse the filter chart and the history of judgements by pressing the button in the button bar of each list:



Adjusting Windows zoom factor

Windows 10 applies zooming for smaller screens by default (e.g. 125%). You can customize the scale factor by pressing right click to your Desktop and open 'Display settings'

Scroll down for 'Scale and layout' and set the factor to 100%.