Release notes: zapAudit 2.1

Changes in version 2.1 of zapAudit: Beta-Indicators, Updates, Features, SAP tables, etc.

Major features and changes:

  • 26 new Indicators -> 155 in total (You can download a full list here).
  • 35 updated Indicators
  • 6 retired Indicators

Note: You need to extend your SAP table privileges and repeat data extraction to get all indicator updates working.

Small but neat features and changes:

  • You now may cancel Excel-Exports
  • You can choose if you want to process new beta Indicators during project set up
  • You can decide to auto-stop after data extraction during project set up
  • Several bug fixes (Dashboard counts, text and labels)

Changes of SAP table access rights

You need to extend your user access privileges to get all the required data for the new and updated indicators. Here is a list of all new required tables:

T000, T011, T011T, BSET, EKBE, TBSL, TBSLT, T005T, T077S, T077Z, T685, T685T, T030W, TTYP, TCURX, TCURC, TCURT, T163, TDG41, TCDOBT, FAGL_011FC, FAGL_011PC, FAGL_011QT, FAGL_011SC, FAGL_011TC, FAGL_011VC, FAGL_011ZC

Note: VAT key is not pseudonymized any more!


What happens to existing projects?

You can still use and work on your existing projects. We have added information in your project overview, to show the used version of data processing.

Are results comparable in version 2.0 and 2.1?

No, because we have improved a lot of indicators that need additional data for data processing. In addition the data processing does not have anything to do with the age of your data set. If you want to use all of the improved indicators in your audit, we recommend starting a new project and repeat data extraction and data processing. Otherwise you will get many "data missing" results.

Can I transfer judgments?

No. If your audit is currently running, we recommend finishing it first. Afterwards you may use 2.1 for your the next audit.

How do I apply the patch?

You can find all the information on how to apply the patch here.

26 new Indicators (beta)

  • 166 Different vendors paid to the same bank account (beta)
  • 168 Vendor paid to various known and unknown bank accounts (beta)
  • 169 Payments to states with questionable corruption index (beta)
  • 170 Trade in problematic narcotics (beta)
  • 171 Inventory differences for pilferable materials (beta)
  • 172 Deliveries of dangerous goods to problematic countries (beta)
  • 173 Input VAT not corrected during cash discount posting (beta)
  • 174 Delayed declaration of VAT after delivery (beta)
  • 175 Missing clearing of GR/IR-Account (beta)
  • 176 Vendor liability posted as credit memo and tax number unknown (beta)
  • 178 Suspected profit-neutral revenue manipulation (beta)
  • 179 Suspicion of missing provision for specific doubtful debts (beta)
  • 180 High over-delivery possible for purchase orders (beta)
  • 181 Very rare contra account (beta)
  • 182 Cash Accounts not found (beta)
  • 183 More delivered than invoiced (beta)
  • 184 Less delivered than invoiced (beta)
  • 185 Invoice amount higher than order amount (beta)
  • 186 More delivered than ordered (beta)
  • 187 More quantities invoiced than ordered (beta)
  • 188 Postings on other days than normally posted (beta)
  • 189 Postings on business holidays (beta)
  • 190 Document number gap analysis (beta)
  • 191 Service or supply to customers in third countries (no-EU-member countries) with VAT (beta)
  • 192 Different VAT codes used for a purchase order item (beta)

35 improved Indicators

The following indicators may have more or less findings if you re-process the same data set. Generally said, we are improving indicators to produce less false-positives and make results more precise.

  • 14 Missing VAT IDs in customer master data
  • 15 Documents posted by users with high reversal rates
  • 17 Expenditure without incoming invoice
  • 18 Fixed asset acquisition without an invoice
  • 21 Intra-community supply of goods or intra-community supply of services without VAT-ID
  • 23 Invoices of the same vendor with and without purchase order
  • 25 Invoice cleared before goods received
  • 26 FI documents without a purchase order contrary to expectations
  • 28 Items purchased with and without purchasing framework agreements
  • 30 Material postings without PO reference
  • 31 Missing reversed document
  • 33 Cyclic change of a field of transactional data
  • 46 Payment to alternative bank account
  • 59 Purchase order used multiple times
  • 64 Business process starts with payment transaction
  • 65 Processes with more than one change of the same master data field
  • 80 Rare combinations of country and VAT key in vendor master data
  • 84 Fixed asset with zero acquisition costs
  • 88 Fixed asset depreciation master data was changed
  • 92 Fixed asset not part of fixed asset standard inventory list
  • 93 Fixed asset with a negative book value
  • 95 Fixed asset retirement with only small profit
  • 97 Fixed asset depreciation more than 50% of activation value
  • 98 P&L loss at retirement or sale of asset
  • 113 Missing or inappropriate payment terms in sales invoices
  • 117 Late customer payment
  • 118 Rare combinations of country and VAT Key in customer master data
  • 122 FI documents without sales reference contrary to expectations
  • 127 Revenue without an outgoing invoice
  • 132 Delivery not invoiced
  • 147 Lost discounts
  • 148 SD Invoice without FI Invoice
  • 150 VAT-ID in customer master data and invoice do not match
  • 152 Early VAT deduction
  • 160 Postings in other fiscal years

Six removed Indicators

We determined that the following indicators are of less value. As a result we removed the following:

  • 3 Vendors have an alternative payee being a one-time account
  • 13 Document with same amount of credit and debit for a specific account
  • 19 FI documents with zero amount items
  • 47 Payment without any reference to vendor or customer
  • 68 Incoming invoice with tax code in corporate group (Use 69 instead)
  • 70 Outgoing invoice with tax code in corporate group (Use 71 instead)