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Exporting the candidate list

Our newest feature in zapCash version 1.1 will let you export your candidate list of your project for further reviews of the accounting department.

The new export function is only applicable if you have the latest version of zapCash 1.1.0 installed. 

The export function can be found in the upper right corner, above the candidate list. The export creates a copy of the candidate list that you currently have open to excel.

For a complete list of candidates, make sure that no filters are applied!

If you want to export only certain candidates in the list, you must first select these cases by a suitable filter.

Recommended list of candidates for the accounting department

To make the exam as fast as possible, we show you some lists with which you can accelerate the exam in zapCash.

1. List of to be verified douple payments candidates

Filter the column "Recovery state" to "In verification by accounting".

2. List of specific candidates through Pair ID

Filtering with the Pair ID can help you focus on the most important cases that you detected. You can manually type in the Pair IDs, seperated by a comma after each number.