Step-by-Step Guide for Reviewing Duplicate Payments in zapCash and SAP

By systematically reviewing in three steps duplicate payments can be identified.

In zapCash, the goal is to enable the expert to review only relevant candidates who might represent duplicate payments with minimal effort. This process involves three steps:

  1. Initial review of the candidate pairs in zapCash

  2. Detailed review of the invoices in SAP

  3. Cancellation check of the double payment in SAP


Step 1: Initial review of the candidate pairs in zapCash

Determine if the services for both payments have been rendered only once.

Procedure: Begin by getting an overall view of the candidate pair. Look for indications that suggest against a duplicate payment:

  • Service periods: Check the document date and posting/item texts.
  • Partial payments: Examine the posting and item texts.
  • Clearing documents: Confirm if two clearing documents are present (paid or cleared).
  • Cancellations: Review the accounts payable subledger using zapCash by clicking on the clearing document
  • Document differences: Analyze any differences that might indicate duplicate payments.

Summarize your initial findings in zapCash to determine if further review is necessary.

accounts payable subledger using zapCash

Accounts payable subledger in zapCash


Step 2: Detailed review of the invoices in SAP

Determine if both documents/invoices are identical and if a duplicate payment has occurred.

Procedure: Access SAP using Transaction code FB03 to open and save both invoices for comparison:

  • Document identity: Check if they are the same documents.
  • Header data: Verify if the header data are identical.
  • Service rendering: Confirm if the service rendered is identical.
  • Invoice amount: Ensure the total amounts are identical.
  • Visual differences: Note any differences such as scan numbers or handwritten notes.

Identify and document any distinguishing features such as creditor details, document numbers, dates, service periods, delivery references, or items.


Step 3: Cancellation check of the double payment in SAP

Determine if the duplicate payment has already been identified and reversed.

Procedure: Using Transaction code FBL1 or FBL1N, check for any cancellations in the accounts payable subledger. Look for indications of cancellations and batch cancellations.


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