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How does the integrated pseudonymization work?

The aim of pseudonymization is confidential treatment of personal data.

zap Audit offers the possibility of pseudonymizing individual data fields. Many data fields are already pseudonymized per default. A complete and always up-to-date list of the pseudonymized fields can be found in the software when creating a project for Excel download.

zap Audit uses an asymmetric encryption method for the pseudonymization of data, which requires a „public key“ and a „private key“. To create a key pair like this, the software PGP4Win (Kleopatra) can be used, or the standard in zap Audit can be used. The data is pseudonymized using the public key and can theoretically only be „de-pseudonymized“ using the private key. However, there is no possibility of decryption in zap Audit.

The responsibility for secure storage lies entirely with you. After creation, zap Audit offers the possibility of uploading the public key for encryption/pseudonymization. This key is then used to pseudonymize all data fields according to the configuration file and only then is it saved on the storage device. In this case, only the owner of the corresponding private key theoretically has the ability to decrypt pseudonymized data. It is not possible to decrypt pseudonymized data in zap Audit.