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How to extract sap attachments directly in zapCash?

The feature provides a convenient way to extract the most relevant BKPF attachments as files. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can enable the feature, extract the desired attachments, and conveniently download them as a zip file


The zapCash feature allows users to extract the most relevant BKPF (Accounting Document Header) attachments as files. This article provides an overview of how to enable and use this feature.


You need a SAP User with access to table SRGBTBREL, as well as the function module SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1.

Enabling the Feature

By default, the feature is disabled and needs to be enabled in the configuration settings as an admin user.

Using the Feature

  1. Once the feature is enabled, an additional button will appear on the candidate list interface.
  2. Clicking on this button will open a dialog box prompting the user to enter their SAP username and password.
  3. If incorrect credentials are entered or if the user lacks the necessary permissions in SAP, the following error message will be displayed.

Error Message: As described, additional read permission is required for the SRGBTBREL table, as well as the function module SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1. It is important to note that this feature only works for zapCash projects created through data extraction and not for projects created through zip upload.

Assuming the user has all the required permissions, the extraction process will commence. The extraction will include all the items visible in the candidate list, based on the applied filters.

Extraction Progress

The actual extraction process starts at 25% progress.

As for the duration, there is limited information available. Extracting three attachments took approximately 10 seconds, but it is expected to take longer in other environments.

Output Location

Once the extraction is complete, a "Download zip" button is displayed.

On your disk where zapCash is installed, a new folder named "SAP_Attachments" will be created in the project folder in your workspace. All the extracted attachments will be stored as separate files within this folder and then compressed into a .zip file. You can download that zip file via the frontend.

File Naming Convention

The extracted files will be named using the following format: Client, Company Code, Fiscal Year, Document Number, Technical SAP Name, and Original File Name.