How to perform multiple data extractions one after one?

Use the project queue for automated extraction

There is a queue feature for data extractions, which can be activated as admin in the settings.

  • You can create several projects and instead of "Start data extraction" queue the project grafik-png-Oct-29-2020-03-26-07-10-PM
  • If you then start the data extraction for a project, the next project is automatically extracted as soon as the first one has been successfully extracted.
  • You can see the queuing position on the project overview: grafik-png-Oct-29-2020-03-41-33-20-PM
  • Data processing will NEVER be started while there are still projects in the queue.
  • The queue is saved and is available even after the restart. (SAP passwords must always be entered and if necessary transferred to all projects in the queue. The software will ask for them before the data is downloaded)

  • You can de-queue projects in step 4 "Data extraction" grafik-png-Oct-29-2020-03-39-43-28-PM

Note: You can set up different SAP connection data for each project