How to repeat data processing without new data extraction?

Here is a short guide for repeating data processing.

Using the raw data zip file

At the end of the data extraction, the extracted data is saved in your workspace in the project folder as a zip file. This file gets the same name as the project and ends with ".zip" (e.g.


This raw database can be used as a data source for future processing, e.g. if the data processing is to be performed on another (more powerful) computer.


The raw database remains unchanged by zap Audit and is only used to repeat the data processing without having to repeat the extraction. You can safely delete this file if you need storage space or do not intend to repeat the data processing. You should keep the file at least until the project has been processed completely and error-free for the first time. If in doubt, please contact our support.

Note that newer versions of zap Audit include changes to the data extraction and processing, so it may be advisable to repeat the data extraction if the raw database is already older. As a rule of thumb here: The data extraction should not be older than three months.


To select the .zip file simply click on using an external data source while creating a new project.HubSpotScreen1

Click on the upload button and choose the .zip file from the folder of your old project.