ID148 - SD Invoice without FI Invoice

Overview of SAP SD Invoice Status

The SD invoice has been marked because no invoice in the accounting could be found for it. SD invoices with net value 0 (VBRK-NETWR) and SD invoices not being in the fiscal year are not analyzed.

In SAP SD (Sales and Distribution), various statuses are used to indicate the lifecycle of an invoice or invoice. These statuses are used to track the current status of processing and handling an invoice. Here is an overview of the most common SAP SD invoice statuses (RFBSK):




Billing document blocked for forwarding to FI
B Posting document not created (account determ.error)
C Posting document has been created
D Billing document is not relevant for accounting
E Billing Document Canceled
F Posting document not created (pricing error)
G Posting document not created (export data missing)
H Posted via invoice list
I Posted via invoice list (account determination error)
K Accounting document not created (no authorization)
L Billing doc. blocked for transfer to manager (only IS-OIL)

Analyst Approval refused (only IS-OIL)


 No posting document due to fund management (only IS-PS)