How to uninstall the software?

This article includes important notes to consider before uninstalling zap Audit or zap Cash.

You can remove the zapliance installation directory to delete all data. Please take the following into consideration:

  • Check if moving the installation to another disk is an option instead of deleting it.
  • Determine if you want to keep your project data and, if so what data you want to keep. This includes raw databases, processed zap Audit projects, Excel exports, and zapliance user data. You must move or copy all project folders and the folder "\systemdb" if you want to reuse the projects in the same form in another zapliance installation.
  • Note that zap Audit generates a standardized audit result. All zap Audit results can be reconstructed at any time by processing a raw database or a new data extraction. This does not apply to your comments and Professional Judgement ratings. These are also stored in the project database. Also note that a newer version of zap Audit may produce different audit results, as indicators have been improved in the meantime. Please note that as an auditor, you may be required to document your audit results and thus to make a backup copy of the data before uninstalling zapliance.