What are common pitfalls?

Using and working with data-intensive software can be challenging. To avoid common pitfalls while using the software, you can find a summary below.

Blocked Ports: Make sure the communication ports 9001 - 9003 are not blocked by a firewall.


Energy Saving Options: Pay attention to the power settings of the device on which you start data extraction. When the computer goes into sleep mode, data extraction or processing stops immediately and may cause a project to be started from the beginning.


Windows Updates: The automatic installation of Windows updates and subsequent restarts automatically terminate a project and can require the project to be restarted.


Battery: Always operate notebooks with the power supply unit during processing.


Loose Cables: Make sure that no cables can be removed from the computer. Especially the USB plugs of external hard disks are sensitive and run the risk of being pulled out in case of vibrations.


Hard Disk Space: Make sure enough hard disk space is available in order to perform data-intensive operations.


Anti-Virus Software: A virus scanner can impair performance during data processing. Switch off the virus scanner temporarily for maximum speed.
Tip: Use high-quality hardware or other virus scanners.


Maintenance: An internal computer maintenance during data extraction or data processing can considerably impact progress.