The software is frozen and not reacting

Reasons why the software is frozen and not reacting when clicking on a project or shutting down the software

There are several possible causes for the problem:


Data processing is running: If data processing is currently running, the interface may not react until the last database operation that was triggered has been completed. This may take several hours during data processing.

If in doubt, send us the log files of the project.


Too many simultaneous Excel exports: Excel export requires many hardware resources. Do not start too many Excel exports simultaneously or too quickly in succession.

If necessary, shutdown and reboot zapliance to reset the resources.


Connection interrupted: If the software was closed with the task manager or the connection to the external storage device (External drive scenario) was disconnected while a lengthy operation was being processed, the zapAudit database is in an inconsistent state. The software then automatically attempts to restore the data as soon as the first access occurs. Depending on the size of the database, this process can take a long time (once) and should not be interrupted.

If the data cannot be recovered, you must redo the data processing with the raw database.