The software does not start / Login page is not available

The start page is not available or a sad smiley is displayed

The software does not start

The zapAudit application server is internally running on port 8005 and zapCash is running on port 8006 by default. (Note: For external communication port 9001 or 9002 is used).

You may have other software running on this port, that prevents zapAudit from starting. But, you can change the port by modifying the server.xml file.

Go to your installation directory to the sub-folder 'conf' (e.g. C:\Users\YourWindowsUser\zapAudit\conf).


Select the server.xml file and edit it. Change the port number in line 22 from 8005 to 8006 and try again to run the software.


Switch to another free port until the software is running.

Sad smiley

Please check, if your Windows user account has full read and write permissions to the installation directory of the software. This may be the case if another windows user installed the software.


Execute with admin privileges: Install and execute the software with administrator privileges (right-click > run as administrator). You find the executable in the installation directory under /bin (e.g. zapAudit.exe)


Uncheck read-only checkbox: Open the installation directory and right-click it. Select 'Properties'. Uncheck the read-only checkbox. Then startup the software.

Workaround for external drives: Copy the complete zapliance installation to your user directory (e.g. C:\users\MyAccount\) and try to start zapliance.

You can also grant your current windows user proper access permissions. To do so,

  • Right-click on zapliance installation folder > Properties
  • Check the Security tab
  • Press 'Edit' if you do not have permissions for your user group
  • Check the Write box and apply
  • Now you have the right permissions