How to export data to excel?

Learn which data is exported in the excel files exporting Indicator-, Profile- and Document-Lists

There are three different excel exports in zap Audit. You can export the Indicator-, Profile- and/or Document-List. For this, press the button top-right of the tile of the list you want to export:


All exports includes comments, professional judgements and tags given by users:

  1. Indicator-List (Indicator audit): Includes all Indicators + all Profiles. Does not include Documents and indications! Includes the indicator briefing information.
  2. Profile-List (Profile audit): Includes all Profiles for the selected Indicator + all Documents within these Profiles. Does not include indications!
  3. Document-List (Document audit): Includes all Documents of the selected Indicator-Profile-Combination + all indications for each document. Remember that a document could have indications for other indicators. These are also included in the export despite that you do not have selected these indicators.