Professional Judgement in zapCash

Why is Professional Judgment necessary, what is it all about and how should it be performed?

The highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) within zapCash identifies potential duplicate invoices. The Professional Judgment is performed by business professionals to evaluate based on the business context if two invoices are true duplicates



The zap Cash AI learns on the basis of the assessments and the Professional Judgement. To make the quality of the assessments verifiable by an independent auditor or zapliance, the Customer documents in detail how it arrived at its assessments of the selected potential hits according to the minimum requirements provided.


Guidelines for the documentation of potential duplicate liabilities recorded in zapCash
The documentation of potential duplicate liabilities depends on one of the following three cases:



The shown liabilities are not the same.
Therefore, a double paid invoice does not exist (“False Positive”).



The liabilities shown are the same.
Therefore, a double paid invoice exists (“True Positive”).



The shown liabilities are the same but have already been discovered before
the zapCash data analysis. It was recovered by means of a registered claim.
However, the claim was not detected by zapCash, but was already known to the company.