What happens technically when starting the software?

zapAudit and zapCash runs as an application server. Get access via the shipped browser.

What happens when starting the software?

zapAudit and zapCash are big data web applications. This means:

  • The software is running on an application server as a background process.
  • As long the application server is running, you can access the application via a browser.
  • You can run only one single instance of the software simultaneously. (http://localhost:9001/zapAudit/login.jsf) / (http://localhost:9002/zapCash/login.jsf)
  • You can run it on your local PC/laptop or a server (select its IP-Address e.g.,
  • The communication from the clients' browser to the zapliance application server is via HTTP.
  • The communication from the Software to SAP is via the SAP Java Connector (see paragraph below)
  • Extracted data is stored locally in the installation folder (default) or the selected workspace folder.
  • The software does not need an internet connection, but a connection to the SAP server for the duration of the data extraction.
  • To activate a project the user will need to enter the challenge key on our website

Note: Make sure that the firewall does not block the connection between the application server and to your SAP server.