What are the indicator states?

Descriptions of the indicator status: With indications, timeout, restricted, failed, without indications, out of scope, to be investigated, etc.

Each indicator gets a state after data processing. The processing can fail or be successful.

Processing successful


Without indications No document is flagged by this indicator.



With indications There are documents flagged by this indicator.



Restricted Indications have been found for this indicator, but not all documents with indications are part of the result set. This is the consequence if more indications than the threshold value are found for an indicator. The default value is 100 000 per indicator. This value guarantees a good tradeoff between processing duration and the number of results. Usually, only data sets that are particularly large will have restricted indicators.


For each restricted indicator and its profiles, you can display the number of documents in the tooltip as if the indicator were not restricted. Also, the number of profiles remains the same, and the ratio of documents between these profiles remains approximately the same as if the indicator were not restricted. However, there are fewer documents with indications in each profile.

As an admin user, you can adjust the restriction limit in the config from zapliance main menu (Version 2.0 Patch 9 or newer). Set it to a very high value to get a full scan of your data set.


Processing failed


Failed An internal error occurred, and the processing of this indicator failed. Take consultation with the zapliance support.


Missing data Data was missing to process this indicator. There can be several reasons for this. Here are some examples:

  • Data extraction is old or outdated -> Consider a new data extraction with the current version.
  • The data is not stored in the target SAP system. E.g., when data remains in pre-systems. -> You cannot analyze this with zap Audit!
  • The indicator is new and requires tables that have not been part of the extraction -> Consider a new data extraction with current the version.
  • If the indicator has marked documents despite data missing, only a subset of hits was determined. You can still evaluate the indicator.

Timeout Processing of this indicator takes more time than the threshold. The default value is 12h per indicator. Admin users can adjust the threshold in the config menu of zapliance. Please contact us and let us know that the indicator runs into the timeout. We are eager to improve our indicators to provide the best processing performance!


How Do I find the indicators that failed?

1. Open the zap Audit project

2. Press "Start audit"

3. Scroll down in the list of indicators to look for the indicators with the state "Failed" or "Missing data".




User given states



There can always be reasons to give one of the following comment states. Please document why you choose them in the judgement comment.


Investigated and without complaint There is no finding for this.



Investigated and with complaint There is a finding for this.



Investigated and not applicable You investigated the indications and determined that you cannot apply it to the company or the current context. In contrast to Out of Scope, you use Not Applicable as a result of investigation at the end of the indicator audit.