Which evaluations are possible with zapAudit?

zapAudit analyses all indicators and maps the results to the created process models

1. Indicators

The core analysis includes the full processing of all our indicators. An indicator is a specific audit question to the data set. You can download a list of all indicators in our article here: List of all zapAudit indicators.


2. Process mining

The zapAudit analysis includes process mining of all relevant postings. This includes:

  • Accounting documents (FI)
  • Purchase requisitions (SAP MM)
  • Purchase orders (SAP MM)
  • Orders (SAP SD)
  • Deliveries (SAP SD)
  • Billing document in Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Change documents and
  • Master data changes (vendors, customers, assets).

The potential findings (indications) are mapped to the process model. You can analyze the processes within zapAudit.

Example screenshot:



3. Excel export

You can export the results of the indicators as excel files.

All exports includes comments, professional judgements and tags given by users: