Which evaluations are possible with zap Audit?

zap Audit analyses all indicators and maps the results to the created process models

1 Indicators

The core analysis includes the full processing of all our indicators. An indicator is a specific audit question to the data set. You can download a list of all indicators in our article here: List of all zap Audit indicators.

Example screenshot:



2 Process mining

The zap Audit analysis includes process mining of all relevant postings. This includes:

  • Accounting documents (FI)
  • Purchase requisitions (SAP MM)
  • Purchase orders (SAP MM)
  • Orders (SAP SD)
  • Deliveries (SAP SD)
  • Billing document in Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Change documents and
  • Master data changes (vendors, customers, assets).

The potential findings (indications) are mapped to the process model. You can analyze the processes within zap Audit.

Example screenshot:



3 Excel export

You can export the results of the indicators as excel files.