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What do I need to install in SAP?

Learn why zap Audit does not require anything to be installed in SAP.

Short answer: Nothing!

zap Audit uses an automated data extraction of all required data from your SAP ERP system.

The downloaded SAP data is located where you installed zap Audit. Only you will have access to your SAP data but zap Audit requires a network connection to your SAP server (at least for data extraction).

zap Audit needs to be connected to your SAP system for the duration of data extraction. You need to have an SAP user account set up for this purpose, or you can use an existing SAP user account.

SAP RFC user role

The SAP user account must have specific access rights to RFC (Remote Function Call). The data of your SAP System is extracted with Remote Function Call. You can use transaction SE37 to check whether the functions RFC_READ_TABLE and/or BBP_RFC_READ_TABLE are available. At least one of these is required for the data extraction. Check this article for more information.