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How to install the application?

This article shows you a step-by-step guide of the installation process of zap Audit and zap Cash

Note: Administrator rights are not required for installation

To download our software, please contact us here or send a mail to support@zapliance.com. We will then, get in contact with you and provide you access to our software.


1. After you have downloaded the zap Audit/ zap Cash setup file, run it on the target computer. You may receive a Windows security warning or a security warning from your antivirus system.


2. Select the language you want to perform the installation in (Fig. 1).
Selecting the language for installation for zap Audit installation

Fig. 1 - Selecting the language


3. The main part of the installation routine starts now. Click on “Next” (Fig. 2)

Starting the installation of zap Audit

Fig. 2 - Starting the installation of zap Audit/ zap Cash


4. To continue the installation process, you need to accept our Terms & Conditions (Fig. 3). You will have already accepted these when registering on our webshop.

Accepting the terms and conditions of zapliance

Fig. 3 - Accepting the Terms & Conditions


5. Select “zapliance” and click on “Next” (Fig. 4).

Selecting the software to install

Fig. 4 - Selecting the software to install


6. Now choose your installation location (Fig. 5).

Choosing the installation location

Fig. 5 - Choosing the installation location


7. The installation process will now start running(Fig. 6).

Installation of zap Audit

Fig. 6 - Installation of zap Audit


8. Once the installation is complete, you can start zap Audit/ zap Cash immediately and, if you wish, create a desktop shortcut. Once you have made your selection, click on “Finish” (Fig. 7).

Running zap Audit after installation

Fig. 7 - Running zap Audit/ zap Cash after installation


9. If you select “Run zapliance” a command window will open briefly in the background (Fig. 8). Please leave this open so your computer can run zapliance.

Command window on startup

Fig. 8 - Command window on startup


10. While zap Audit/ zap Cash is booting up, the loading screen will be displayed (Fig. 9). This process may take several minutes but usually takes between 10 - 40 seconds. 

zapliance Server is booting up

Fig. 9 - Server is booting up


11. As soon as the system has fully booted up, you will be redirected to the start page (Fig. 10).

Start page of zap Audit

Fig. 10 - Start page of zap Audit/ zap Cash


12. zap Audit/ zap Cash may display a message about your firewall when it starts. If you allow the connection, the most recent blog article will be displayed on the start page.