How to move Users and Projects to a new location

Moving users and projects to a new location

Using zapliance application can be implemented and used in many different ways. Perhaps your disk volume is full or you need two install the software on a different instance.

If you want access to your old projects and accounts, all you need to is:

  • Move the systemdb-file to the new installation directory
  • And move the project folder to the new installation director



The systemdb files contain all the data of your created users and project assignments. So make sure to close the software before moving one file to the new directory.

Simply go to your installation folder and copy the systemdb folder to the new directory. 

Be aware that you can't merge two systemdb at the moment. Replacing one systemdb file with another one will end up deleting the new one. If you are unsure, just create a safety copy first!



Project Folder

In this case, all you need to do is to copy your old projects into the new directory as well. Your projects are located in the installation folder by default. If not, go to the settings in the software and check the workspace folder.


The name of your project folder is always named after your project name.

Last but not least, you will need to change the workspace settings in zapAudit/ zapCash as well. Read this article, on how to change the workspace location of the projects.


We always recommend all customers to extract their projects anew with the newest version of zapAudit or zapCash to receive the newest changes made for some indicators.


In this article, you can find the changes made to the indicators.