The software crashes after a while on Windows Server 2016

Running zap Audit or zap Cash as a Windows Service will prevent termination at Windows user lockout.


The software crashes after a while on Windows Server 2016.


Windows Server 2016 terminates the process at (auto-)lockout of the Windows user when the software was started with the 'startup' file.


Solution and Workaround:

Install the software as a Windows Service. You need admin privileges in Windows to do so.

First, adjust the memory allocation of the service. Open the /bin subfolder in your installation directory. Right-click on the 'service.bat' file and select 'Edit'. Scroll down to line 117 at the end of the file. You have to replace the parameter -Xmx265m with -Xmx16g to allocate 16 GB RAM. This number depends on your hardware setup. E.g. use -Xmx64g for 64 GB RAM, -Xmx32g for 32 GB RAM and so on.



After adjusting the RAM, you can run the RegisterAsWindowsService.bat file by double-click. You have now registered the software as a Windows Service.



After that, open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Select the Services tab and look for the newly registered service, right-click it and start the service.



Well done. After the startup of the service, you can access the start page as usual.