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How to start the application?

Learn how to start the zapliance application server.

zap Audit and zap Cash are web applications. This means that you start an application server, which runs in background. As long as it’s running, the zap Audit pages are accessible via a web browser. You can close the browser or log out of zapliance at any time during the data extraction, data processing and reporting phases.

Our applications use their own internal database system. Therefore, it is particularly important that the application is shut down properly to avoid data loss or corrupt states of the database system (see How to shut down software).


Starting zap Audit or zap Cash

Open the zap Audit installation directory and use the “startup.bat” file or your desktop shortcut.



Clicking on the startup.bat will start the application server. Windows will register this as a "background process". 



Starting up the server can take up to a few minutes, depending on the hardware. 


Once the server is fully up and running, the browser will automatically redirect to the login page.