Release notes: zapAudit 2.8

Changes in version 2.8 of zapAudit: New Features, Indicators, Updates etc.

Major features and changes:

  • 8 updated indicators (Indicators (English) with changes)
  • Extended data extraction scope (TIBAN and KNAS)* (Download Datascope (xlsx))
  • Reduced processing duration by reduction of maximum sequence length
  • Extended Excel Export 

Small but neat features and changes:

  • Usability and Bugfixes that provide general stability
  • Project overview now includes a filter option
  • Improved readability of the list of profiles and documents


*Requires extended sap user role



How do I update zapAudit?

Updating zapAudit is as easy as the installation itself. We recommend you install zapAudit 2.8 over the old installation path.

With the newest update, all custom configurations will be unaffected after installing the software.

For more information on updating the software read the article How to do a software update.


What happens to existing projects?

While you can always use old projects after the update, updated indicators will only work at their best when the project has been extracted and processed in zapAudit 2.8 only.

Take a look into the changelog to decide if new data extraction or the processing is necessary for your audit.


zapAudit 2.8 is backward-compatible. All projects processed in zapAudit 2.7 are accessible like always.