How to do a software update?

Things to know before updating your version.

The software does not have an auto-update function. Install it over your current installation to update the software as follows:

  1. Check the changelog matrix of the current version.
  2. Decide if and which data sets you want to process again. Consider that all your comments and professional judgments will not be available in the newly processed data set.
  3. The newest version will be provided by the zapliance team. Just contact us here or write a mail to
  4. Shut down the software before updating it.
  5. Run zapAuditSetup.exe/zapCashSetup.exe and select the path of the currently used version as the installation path (for instance, C:\Users\MyAccountName\).
  6. Your SAP, analysis, log, and zapliance user data are unaffected by this.
  7. After that, you can start the software as usual.
  8. You can still access and use all old projects! The software is always backward-compatible.


For advanced users: Custom configurations of the application server are renamed.

If you installed the Software as a Windows service or changed the configuration of the application server (e.g., web.xml, server.xml, HTTPS, etc.), then please note that these files are renamed, and new default files are created.

You can identify your custom files by timestamp. Delete the new default generated file and re-rename your file (e.g., rename server_171020191041.xml to server.xml).