Change Log: zapAudit

Here you find all new features, bug fixes and what you need to do to make the changes take effect.

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zapAudit 2.9.19

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.19 Released: 10/04/2024
Bugfixes Features Task
  • fixes Out of Memory for 200 million VBRP rows issue in some indicators

Repeat Data Extraction


Repeat Processing

Do nothing

Updated Chrome Portable 123.0.6312.106

zapAudit 2.9.18

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.18 Released: 20/03/2024
Bugfixes Features Task

  • Changed encryption in table ANLZ
Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixes a problem with exorbitant referencing of users in postings

Repeat Processing

Do nothing

Updated Chrome Portable 123.0.6312.59

zapAudit 2.9.17

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.17 Released: 15/11/2023
Bugfixes Features Task

  • Data validation improved
Repeat Data Extraction


Repeat Processing

  • Fixes missing transaction codes descriptions in excel export
  • Added watermark hint for sap connection data
Do nothing

Updated Chrome Portable 119.0.6045.124

zapAudit 2.9.14

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.14 Released: 19/10/2023
Bugfixes Features Task
  • Fixes a very rare data transfer error.
  • Table CVERS optionally extracted for logging purposes*.
Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixes random problem with process model creation.
  • Indicator 172, 169: Corruption Index updated to 2022

Repeat Processing

    Do nothing

* Optionally extended sap user role for table CVERS and CVERS_ACT

Tomcat Update to 8.5.94 and Chrome Portable 118.0.5993.89


zapAudit 2.9.7

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.7 Released: 05/09/2023
Bugfixes Features Task

  • Some performance improvements in extraction of table EKKO and EKPO.
Repeat Data Extraction


Repeat Processing

  • Fixes issues with amount filter that profiles wasn't displayed (scince 2.9.5).
  Do nothing


zapAudit 2.9.6

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.6 Released: 16/08/2023
Bugfixes Features Task

  • Some disk space improvements.
Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixes Issue with processing of Process model.

Repeat Processing

    Do nothing


zapAudit 2.9.5

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.5 Released: 26/06/2023
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction
  • Indicator 113: In case of systematic problem (More than 10 000 profiles = number of customers), only one profile with hints is displayed instead of all profiles. 
  • Indicator 132: Ignores deliveries with quantity of 0 now.

Repeat Processing

  • Indicator Audit:
    • Fixed issue with empty input on document date filter
  Do nothing

zapAudit 2.9.4

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.4 Released: 15/06/2023
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Repeat Processing

  • Duniverse page:
    • Export of original zip file is possible now
    • Fixes some issues with decryption of duniverse zip
Do nothing

zapAudit 2.9.3

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.3 Released: 11/05/2023
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Repeat Processing

  • Excel Export: Fixed issue that caching the profiles made the logging extremely large.
  • Additional performance and UX improvement while writing the excel export.

Do nothing

zapAudit 2.9.2

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.2 Released: 03/05/2023
Bugfixes Features Task

Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixes a very rare bug in data processing of the report. An automated fallback fixes some issues with the database.

Repeat Processing

  • Excel Export: Fixed Issue with Excel Formulas in tab "FI_Automation". 
  • Excel Export: Fixed issue with unnecessary creation of temporary tables for export (tables are created once now).

Do nothing


zapAudit 2.9.0

Version-Matrix Version: 2.9.0 Released: 30/03/2023
Bugfixes Features Task
  • Indicators 4 and 8 additionally use IBANs for better results
Repeat Data Extraction

  • Extra Analysis of Open Items/Clearing for Excel Export
  • Improved Sequencing for better Trade-Off between Results and Processing duration
  • Automatical Stop of data processing if HDD space is nearly full
  • Indicator 103 is dissmissed now
  • Indicator 154 improved

Repeat Processing

  • Fixes of some visual bugs with the scroll bar in report
  • Fixes some numbers of user postings in excel export
  • Indicators with 'Data Missing' and 'Mapping Timeout' are displayed as 'Timeout' instead of 'Data missing' now
  • Hardware status and Warnings on Project-Creation page
  • Changed Shutdown Port from 8005 to 8055
  • Changed AJP Port from 8009 to 8059
Do nothing


zapAudit 2.8.6

Version-Matrix Version: 2.8.6 Released: 01/12/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction


Repeat Processing

  • Duniverse Page is working now, even if projects are not activated
  • Fixed a bug with activation of projects in some projects
  • Excel export of profiles does include indications text and amount
  • Feature to reset project to data processing
  • Performance of SoD Indikator improved
  • Notification for missing RFC Access rights
Do nothing

zapAudit 2.8.5

Version-Matrix Version: 2.8.5 Released: 07/11/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixed bug, when viewer and auditor user are not able to open their project anymore


Repeat Processing


Do nothing

zapAudit 2.8.4

Version-Matrix Version: 2.8.4 Released: 01/11/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction
  • Fixed a very rare bug in sequencing, when clearing documents do not have fiscal year data


Repeat Processing

  • Added an Icon when RAM or hard disc space getting low
Do nothing

zapAudit 2.8.3

Version-Matrix Version: 2.8.3 Released: 19/10/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Improved performance for PO sequencing

Repeat Processing

  Automatically process the next project with the state "process" Do nothing
  Stop data extraction after uploading an external data source 

zapAudit 2.8.0

Version-Matrix Version: 2.8.0 Released: 14/09/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
  Extended data extraction scope - some new fields and extraction of Table TIBAN and KNAS* Repeat Data Extraction
  8 improved Indicators

Repeat Processing

  Maximum Sequence length default value reduced from 75 to 25 (reduces processing duration)
  Improved Process Mining of PO postings
Deletion of physically missing projects on project list is possible again Extended Excel Export:
  • Includes number of postings with empty Transaction codes (null values)
  • Includes number of technical reconciliation postings
  • Includes more statistics
Do nothing
List of Profiles and Documents are now more readable: History of judgements is collapsed by default Document dashboard includes number of postings by table
  Minor text improvements
  You can filter your projects now

* Requires extended sap user role, (KNAS and TIBAN is now part of zapAudit default and extended data scope)

zapAudit 2.7.0

Version-Matrix Version: 2.7.0 Released: 18/03/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
  Extended data extraction scope - some new fields and extraction of Table T880 and T023T* Repeat Data Extraction
  Improved Indicator 175 and 185

Repeat Processing

Possibility to export Process Mining CSV event log*** Implement of colorset and fonts of new corporate identity  Do nothing
Possibility to export SAP raw tables as SQLite or H2 databse*** Improvement of usability
General stability improvements an library updates Extended Indicator Excel Export, more process statistics
Bugfixes at startup of application concerning the custom temp folder Possibility of reindexing for a selected project
  User Dashboard: new user statistics
  Experimental feature: Duniverse**

* Requires extended sap user role, (T023T and T880 is now part of zapAudit default and extended data scope)

** The zapliance Data Universe (=Duniverse) is a plug-in approach to enable tailormade data analysis. This feature requires a separate activation and consultation with zapliance.

*** separate activation required

zapAudit 2.6.2 ("log4J Hotfix 2")


Version-Matrix Version: 2.6.2 Released: 01/11/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Repeat Processing

Updated log4j (Version 2.17.1) library

  Do nothing

zapAudit 2.6.1 ("log4J Hotfix")

Version-Matrix Version: 2.6.1 Released: 12/14/2021
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Repeat Processing

Updated log4j (Version 2.16.0) library

  Do nothing
Bugfixed Write-Permission check on temp-folder at software startup   


zapAudit 2.6.0

Download indicator list including how changes apply:

Version-Matrix Version: 2.6.0 Released: 10/29/2021
Bugfixes Features Task

Encryption of some fields is consistent now

Indicators: 0 new, 16 updated, 2 retired  Repeat Data Extraction
  Some additional fields are extracted
Numbers on Dashboard are consistent now Amount filter*

Repeat Processing


Some library updates

URL changed from /zapliance to /zapAudit

Layout and frontend improvements Do nothing
Extended messaging: Port collision or missing write permissions on folders at startup Extended Excel Export**: Some statistics where added
Deleting Projects also deletes temporary data extraction files zap Data (REST API) replaced by CSV-Eventlog export for Process Mining Tools***
Filter "Process, Process Area and Objective" renamed to: "zap Audit Process", "zap Audit Indicator objective" and "zap Audit Process area".
Filter by "zap Audit indicator objective" is now working
Processing performance tweaked: Restrict Indicator limit reduced from 100k to 30k, Default Timeout per Indicator extend to 10h from 6h, Default Mapping Timeout trippeled
  Licensing changed: Re-activation of 2.5.0 or older projects required
  Tagging-Feature discarded  
  Indicator briefing extended for indication amount description  

* Filtering on amounts is a technical deep task. So real-time performance is not available like with other filters.

** Projects from older versions will be updated on first startup, respective when opened for the first time. This may require a while (1 minute per GB of data).

*** additional activation key required

Click here for the release notes of zapAudit 2.6


zapAudit 2.5.0

Download indicator list including how changes apply:

Version-Matrix Version: 2.5.0 Released: 10/16/2020
Bugfixes Features Task
  Indicators: 2 new, 20 updated, 1 retired and 17 are not beta anymore Repeat Data Extraction
  Some additional columns (No adjustment of SAP RFC user required)
Excel-Export: Bugfix of mixed language while multi-user operation. Best-practice default settings to meet requirements of very large data sets (> 20 Mio BKPF or >  50 GB data)

Repeat Processing

Data processing:  More notifications, fewer errors  
Process House: Counts of indicators with timeout are now correct Process House: Settings of data processing are displayed now Do nothing
Selection of language is now permanent Settings: Admin user can customize the temp-Folder path and some other settings of zapAudit
Project creation: Going back is not possible after finished data extraction anymore (Crashes project state) Project creation: More notifications (disk space warning, parallel data extraction start, start/resume/stop of data extraction, and others)
Judgement: Improved layout, formatting of errors, and text stored correctly Excel-Export: Indicator list includes data of document and user dashboard
Project list: Bugfix of forwarding to project activation of activated projects  


zapAudit 2.4.2

Fixes a problem in the data extraction of version 2.4.1, when updated on the existing zapAudit folder. (Clean installation of version 2.4.1 in new folder works well). Published 04/15/2020

zapAudit 2.4.1

Revised texts and headings. Published 04/02/2020

zapAudit 2.4.0

Version-Matrix Version: 2.4.0 Released: 03/27/2020
Bugfixes Features Task
Extraction extended by some table fields (SAP user role do not need to be adjusted!) Introduction of "zap Data"  (incorporation of zap Process into zapAudit via REST API access to process and SAP data) Repeat Data Extraction
Fewer false-positives for Indicators 8, 46, 174, 166 Queuing of multiple data extractions is now possible
Bugfixes some random stop while data processing   Repeat Processing
  You now must explicitly choose between STOP or CONTINUE after data extraction. Do nothing
  Various debug features to skip certain steps in data extraction or processing.
* Projects activated with Version 2.0 or older must be activated again (You can get your free key from our web shop)

zapAudit 2.3.2


zapAudit 2.2

  • The Software 'zapliance' was renamed to 'zapAudit'


zapAudit 2.1

The major Release 2.1 has its own change log page here.


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 12


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 11


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 10



zapAudit 2.0 Patch 9


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 8


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 7


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 6


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 5


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 4


zapAudit 2.0 Patch 3