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Version-Matrix Version: 2.5.0 Released: 10/16/2020
Bugfixes Features Task
  Indicators: 2 new, 20 updated, 1 retired and 17 are not beta anymore Repeat Data Extraction
  Some additional columns (No adjustment of SAP RFC user required)
Excel-Export: Bugfix of mixed language while multi-user operation. Best-practice default settings to meet requirements of very large data sets (> 20 Mio BKPF or >  50 GB data)

Repeat Processing

Data processing:  More notifications, fewer errors  
Process House: Counts of indicators with timeout are now correct Process House: Settings of data processing are displayed now Do nothing
Selection of language is now permanent Settings: Admin user can customize the temp-Folder path and some other settings of zap Audit
Project creation: Going back is not possible after finished data extraction anymore (Crashes project state) Project creation: More notifications (disk space warning, parallel data extraction start, start/resume/stop of data extraction, and others)
Judgement: Improved layout, formatting of errors, and text stored correctly Excel-Export: Indicator list includes data of document and user dashboard
Project list: Bugfix of forwarding to project activation of activated projects  


Fixes a problem in data extraction of version 2.4.1, when updated on existing zap Audit folder. (Clean installation of version 2.4.1 in new folder works well). Published 04/15/2020


Revised texts and headings. Published 04/02/2020


Version-Matrix Version: 2.4.0 Released: 03/27/2020
Bugfixes Features Task
Extraction extended by some table fields (SAP user role do not need to be adjusted!) Introduction of "zap Data"  (incorporation of zap Process into zap Audit via REST API access to process and SAP data) Repeat Data Extraction
Fewer false-positives for Indicators 8, 46, 174, 166 Queuing of multiple data extractions is now possible
Bugfixes some random stop while data processing   Repeat Processing
  You now must explicitly choose between STOP or CONTINUE after data extraction. Do nothing
  Various debug features to skip certain steps in data extraction or processing.
* Projects activated with Version 2.0 or older must be activated again (You can get your free key from our web shop)




  • The Software 'zapliance' was renamed to 'zap Audit'



The major Release 2.1 has its own change log page here.


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