An error occurred. What to do?

What you can do in case of an error

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing an error with our software zapAudit or zapCash, but let's see what we can do! 

Try a restart and shut down the software

A lot of issues and errors can be solved with a simple restart and shut down of the software. Since zapAudit and zapCash are web applications it is vital to do a clean shutdown.

  • Open the zapliance installation directory and double-click shutdown.bat to end the application server.

  • If the software is registered as a windows service, go to the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), select services and right-click on the software to stop the windows service.

For more information read our article How to shut down software?

The restart didn't solve the error?

If that still doesn't work, contact our support team ( and send us the logfiles. The log files can be downloaded from the software. To do this, you will find a popup in the tile with the project name (top center) after opening a project.



It is only available for admin and auditor users. Alternatively, you can search the installation directory of zapliance in the subfolder /logs for the logs with the current timestamp. Copy and zip these files.


For more information read our article How to get the log files?