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How to use the list of candidates?

Learn about each function while operating zapCash

To fully use the potential and get a better overview of your candidates, we show you each function while operating zapCash.

The following features are mostly applicable in zapCash Version 1.1


1. Ascending and Descending columns 

By clicking on the title of each column, your list gets sorted ascended/descended. Start by descending the score for the start of your examination.


2. Search function

Most columns have a search function simply by typing in the grey field.


3. Judgements and Recovery state

It is now possible to filter and sort by your judgements or recovery state. Simply click open the dropdown button and select a field.


4. Show and Hide columns

To focus on the relevant columns only, you can add more columns to your candidate list or uncheck columns that are not relevant for your examination.  Just clicl on the icon on the top right corner of the candidate list and select Show/hide columns. For example, you can add the column "Outlier Rank" to add another sampling strategy.


5. Filter function

Click here for a more detailed article regarding the filter function.


6. Export candidate list function

Click here to read more about our newest feature in zapCash version 1.1