Change Log: zapCash

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zapCash 1.1.0

Version-Matrix Version: 1.1.0 Released: 10/11/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
  • Extended data extraction (TCURR, TCURX, TCURR, TCURC, TCURT, TCURF, TCURP, TCURV) *

Repeat data extraction

  • Basic algorithm improved
  • Adjust upper limit of candidates

Repeat data processing

  • Fixed extraction of missing or empty company codes or years
  • File size of AI-export reduced
  • Excel export for candidate list
  • Filter on PAIR_ID
  • Filter on ITEM TEXT
  • Filter on ITEM TEXT of all non-empty line items in debit
  • Filter with IsSimilar function
  • Extended AI-Export for statistic data and document type labels
  • UX improvements

Do nothing

* Requires extended sap user role (TCURR, TCURX, TCURR, TCURC, TCURT, TCURF, TCURP and TCURV are not part of zapAudit data scope!)


zapCash 1.0.4

Version-Matrix Version: 1.0.4 Released: 28/06/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
Additional Bugfix for error when loading documents of certain vendors


Do nothing

zapCash 1.0.3

Version-Matrix Version: 1.0.3 Released: 15/06/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
  New filter operators: None_Empty and IsSimilar

Do nothing

  Equals filter includes null values now and Unequals filter does not show null values anymore

Added columns and filters for "Transaction Code of clearing document", "Document type of clearing document", "Fiscal Year" and "External reference number"


Save-Button on Details View does not redirect to the next document any more

Fixed error when loading documents of certain vendors


Do nothing


zapCash 1.0.2


Version-Matrix Version: 1.0.2 Released: 26/04/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
Performance improvement for extraction of EKKO and EKPO table   Repeat Data Extraction
    Repeat Processing
    Do nothing


zapCash 1.0.1


Version-Matrix Version: 1.0.1 Released: 07/04/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
Performance improvement for extraction of REGUV table   Repeat Data Extraction
    Repeat Processing
Recreation of statistics for projects older than 1.0.0 fixed   Do nothing


zapCash 1.0.0


Version-Matrix Version: 1.0.0 Released: 08/03/2022
Bugfixes Features Task
  Dataextraction extended (T023T, T880) * Repeat Data Extraction
  Improved double payment algorithm Repeat Processing
  New Layout and improved usability Do nothing
  Usability Improvements on Candidate list (More Filter, Enable/Disable Columns)
  New filter options: OneEmpty and BothEmpty
  Added Filter: Inter-company, Currency
  Improved Detail view
  Improved Judgement. Added recovery state for after-identification workflow management
  Tag renamed to 'Processing State'
  Extended CSV Export: minimum Amount included, scientific Report for the project **
  CSV Import: Option to override data of existing judgements with incoming data of import
  Option to set minimal amount before data extraction
  Option to set Temp folder of the Application
  New Feature: Duniverse***
  General stability improvements and Library updates
Usability Bugfixes, Visual Bugfixes  

*Requires extended sap user role, (T023T and T880 are part of zapAudit data scope)

** Available for Projects from version 1.0

*** The zapliance Data Universe (=Duniverse) is a plug-in approach to enable tailormade data analysis. This feature requires a separate activation and consultation with zapliance.


zapCash 0.18.2 ("log4J Hotfix")


Version-Matrix Version: 0.18.2 Released: 12/14/2021
Bugfixes Features Task
    Repeat Data Extraction

Repeat Processing

Updated log4j library

  Do nothing
Bugfixed Write-Permission check on temp-folder at software startup