What SAP connection data is required?

All the information you need to know to get data extraction up and running.

Determining the server type

It is essential to know what type of SAP server is used for your project and follow our respective connection guide linked below: 

You can determine the server type by right-clicking on the server name and selecting "properties" when opening the SAP Logon Pad. Above the System Connection Parameters the Connection Type (Application Server/Message Server) is displayed. Please note that for message servers the connection type can be named "Group/Server Selection" instead of "Message Server". 

If you do not have access to this information, please contact your SAP Admin/Manager.

Further requirements: 

Regardless of server type, the following conditions must also be met to ensure successful data extraction. We recommend to forward this information to your SAP-Admin/Manager:

  • Download the SAP JCo Library (read the guide)
  • Have the necessary RFC access rights in SAP (read guide). Because the RFC interface is used there is no need for a direct access to the SAP database. 
  • By default, SAP uses the port 33NN for RFC where NN stands for your SAP Instance Number.  Make sure that the access ports used by the RFC application are accessible from the system that zapAudit or zapCash are running on. How to obtain the Instance Number is explained in the specific articles concerning message and application servers.