SAP Connection Data Requirements for Data Extraction

Connection Data for the data extraction from the SAP System

Ensuring a smooth and efficient data extraction process from SAP requires a comprehensive understanding of the necessary connection data. This knowledgebase article provides all the essential information to set up data extraction successfully.

Determining the server type

To begin the data extraction, it's crucial to identify the type of SAP server utilized for your project. Follow our connection guides tailored to different server types:

To determine the server type:

  1. Open the SAP Logon Pad.
  2. Right-click on the server name.
  3. Select "Properties."
  4. Above the System Connection Parameters, find the "Connection Type" (Application Server/Message Server). Note that for message servers, the connection type may appear as "Group/Server Selection" instead of "Message Server."

If access to this information is restricted, kindly contact your SAP Admin/Manager for assistance.

Further requirements

Regardless of the server type, specific conditions must be met to ensure the success of the data extraction process. Share the following requirements with your SAP Admin/Manager:

  • Download the SAP JCo Library:
    • Follow the provided guide for detailed instructions (read the guide)
  • RFC Access Rights in SAP:
    • Ensure the necessary RFC (Remote Function Call) access rights are granted in SAP. As the RFC interface is utilized, direct access to the SAP database is not required. Refer to the guide for more information (read guide)
  • Port Configuration:
    • SAP typically uses port 33NN for RFC, where NN represents your SAP Instance Number.
    • Confirm that the access ports used by the RFC application are reachable from the system running zapAudit or zapCash.
    • Obtain the Instance Number by referring to the specific articles concerning message and application servers.

By adhering to these guidelines and collaborating with your SAP Admin/Manager, you can facilitate a seamless data extraction process.

If challenges arise or if you have additional queries, our support team is ready to assist you.