What are the configuration settings?

Explanations for the settings in the software

Open the configuration page in the software.


There are five sections:

Log-File Downloader

Here you can download the log files.


Here you can set a custom workspace path and define a custom temp folder (from zap Audit 2.5.0 or zap Cash 1.0.0 or newer)

Data extraction

  1. Extended logging: Use this feature only after talking with the zapliance support. It is useful for debugging purposes only.
  2. Project queue: If you want to extract multiple projects in a row, you can activate the extraction queue.
  3. The performance of the data extraction mechanism might not be efficient in some SAP systems. Therefore you can choose to skip the extraction of Change Documents and the Sales Documents Flow (VBFA).
  4. Despite multiple fallback mechanisms in the data extraction, you also have a manual option to use single statements for the change document table CDHDR. Please uses this option in consultation with the zapliance support.

Disclaimer: It is always possible to process the data, despite skipping tables in the data extraction. But some Indicators/Analyses might not have any results or just a subset.


For specific configuration settings in zap Audit, click here.

    System information

    Disk space of the hard drive where the installation directory is stored.