Release Notes zapCash 1.1

Changes in version 1.1 of zapCash: New Features, Improvements etc.

Major features and changes:

  • Export candidate list of zapCash to excel (More information)
  • Improved accuracy of the score
  • Extended CSV export and import
  • Improved basic algorithm after Data processing and extended Data extraction (TCURR, TCURX, TCURR, TCURC, TCURT, TCURF, TCURP and TCURV)*

    Small but neat features & changes: 

    • Added filter strategy: IsSimilar (More information)
    • Added filter: PAIR ID
    • Added filter: ITEM TEXT
    • Added filter: ITEM TEXT of all non-empty line items in debit
    • Set an upper limit of candidates before data extraction
    • Usability and minor Bugfixes
    • User Experience improvements

    * Requires extended sap user role (TCURR, TCURX, TCURR, TCURC, TCURT, TCURF, TCURP and TCURV are not part of zapAudit data scope!)



    How do I update zapCash?

    Updating zapCash is as easy as the installation itself. We recommend you install zapCash 1.1 over the old installation path. Be sure that all extraction or processing is stopped.

    For more information on updating the software read the article How to do a software update.

    What happens to existing projects?

    While you can always use old projects after the update, some new features will only work with projects that have been extracted and processed in zapCash 1.0 only. Take a look at the changelog to decide if new data extraction or the processing is necessary for your project.

    Can I use the new features without extracting and processing data again?

    For experiencing the new features of zapCash version 1.1, we recommend you extract and process data once again for your relevant projects.

    Only by doing so, you will benefit from the vast update changes made.

    Still, the new software is fully backward compatible up to zapCash 1.0