zap Audit - Proof of Value

At a glance: All of the critical steps from preparation to zap Audit report

Are you new to zapliance and want to use zap Audit in your company?

Then this article is the best starting point.

It will give you an overview of the short steps needed to use the most advanced and straightforward audit software.

You’ll see that using zap Audit is a breeze if you follow these five steps.


1. Book an appointment to talk to us

If you are interested in and curious about zap Audit book an appointment to talk to us. We would be happy to get to know you and show you how zap Audit is working.

Just click here and choose your preferred time.  We will then provide you with all the information you need to start wit zap Audit.


 2. Define scope

Let us talk about meaningful company scoping that ensures insightful results and a high probability for success. To see how big your company code truly is, follow these steps:

  • login to SAP
  • open transaction SE16 or SE16N
  • Type “BKPF” in the “Table” field
  • select a company code and a fiscal year
  • click "number of entries."

This link will provide you with detailed guidance on how to do this.

For detailed guidance on how to do this click here.

Based on the defined scope we will provide you with an attractive offer for your proof of value.


3. Identifying suitable hardware

Depending on the size of your data scope, we recommend you start off with a Windows notebook with 16GB RAM available and a minimum of 256GB of free SSD hard disk space. That's it.

If you want to analyze a more extensive company code, then please read and follow the steps in our article about hardware requirements click here.


4. Identify or apply for a suitable SAP User

Probably one of the most significant advantages of zap Audit is that there’s is no need to update SAP. All you need is an SAP User with RFC read table access. To be more precise, the user profile needs to look like this:


 If you’d like more details on how to set up the user, have a look at this article.

Also, please make sure you already have these SAP connection parameters to hand (message/application server, system name, system number, client, router string) and have downloaded the SAP JCO file from the SAP Marketplace, which is free of charge.

For further information click here.


5. Start your zap Audit Proof of Value

If you have accomplished step 4, the rest is a piece of cake.

Our team will provide you with the link to download zap Audit. After downloading the software, just follow this guide to set it up running. Data processing for small company codes typically takes between 1-3 hours at most.

As soon as the data processing finishes, a challenge key will appear in zap Audit. Copy the challenge key and paste it here.

Shortly after, we will contact you via mail and send you your response key in order to activate your project. Copy and paste it back to zap Audit and then you are done.


Your project is now unlocked and free to go.



In case things don’t go as smoothly as described, please read our detailed instructions or contact us